Regular mass times

Mass in Danish


8.00 am: mass

10.00 am: mass and churchcoffee

17.00 pm: mass


Monday: 6 pm.

Tuesday: 4.30 pm. (vesper after every mass)

Wendnesday: 8.00 am.

Thurday: 11.00 am.

Friday: 6 pm (1. Friday in a month "Sacred Heart of Jesus") 
(5-6.00 pm: adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament)

Saturday: 8.00 am.



Young children:every Tuesday 8.00 am.

Older children together with the young children: 1st Tuesday 8.00 am.


Skt. Mikaels Kirke, Pindstrup:

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday in a month 10.30 am.


Samsø, Tranebjerg Kirke:

Every 3rd Saturday in a month 14.00 pm.


Mass in other languages

Mass in Polish:

Every 1st and 3.rd Sunday 14.00 pm.

Every Friday we pray the rosary in Polish and Danish after the mass 18.00 am.

See also: Polish community (In Danish and Polish)


Mass in Vietnamese:

4th Sunday in a month 14.30 pm.

See also: Vietnamese community (In Danish and Vietnamese)


Mass in English:

Every Saturday 18.30 pm. in the church

Every Tuesday 19.00 pm in the Oratory (first floor)

  • Sacrament of reconsiliation will be offered on Saturdays before the mass in the church from 5.45 pm. to 6.15 pm.
  • The singing rehersal begins at least 15 minuts before the Eucharist.

See also:

- International Group Mount Tabor (In English)

- Filipino community (In English)


Mass in Spanish:

Every 2nd and Saturday lørdag in a month 14.00 pm.

See also: Spanish community (In Spanish and Danish)

Mass in Caldaian in Skt. Nikolaj Kirke, Frederiks Allé, Aarhus:

2nd and 4th Sunday in a month 12.00 am.

Every 1st Thursday in a month 5 pm.

See also: Caldaian community (In Danish)


In time of Advent:

Mass in Danish every day (except Saturday and Sunday where we have devotion 4-5.00 pm.)

In time of lent:

Way of the Cross every Friday 5 pm.  - will also be annonced in English before The Holy Week.


Contact p. Michal at + 45 87 30 70 44 or Denne email adresse bliver beskyttet mod spambots. Du skal have JavaScript aktiveret for at vise den. if you need to speak with a priest in English.